Whether starting a new business or moving to a new house, you may sometimes lack enough storage space. It will seem impossible to keep every belonging at the same location. Renting a self-storage unit would be the most practical decision in such a situation.

The Need for a Self-Storage Unit:

You can rent a self-storage unit for both short-term and long-term terms, based on your requirements. This will be a practical way of keeping your items intact without sacrificing the valuable space in your home or office. The most challenging aspect of booking a storage unit for a longer period is to keep your belongings safe and damage-free.

Tips for Long-Term Booking of a Storage Unit:

To ensure that your belongings do not get damaged due to long-term Lincoln storage, it is vital to follow certain important things. We discuss them in the following part of this blog.

  • Clean and Dry All Your Belongings: When you determine the items to keep in the storage unit for a longer period, ensure they are cleaned and dried properly. Do not keep items that have a build-up of dirt, food remnants, and other residual waste. This can attract pests inside the storage unit and damage the packaging items.
  • Do Not Use Plastic: It is one of the most beneficial storage tips that you will ever get. Though plastic is relatively cheaper than other storage materials, they are non-breathable. This makes them unsuitable material to store goods for a longer period. Plastic bags can easily trap moisture, affecting the color or other structural aspects of certain items.
  • Create an Inventory List: Along with labeling the boxes for storage, preparing an inventory list should be your priority. An inventory list contains details of all the items that you have put in the storage unit. It provides exact information about the goods you have kept in the unit. It will come to your help after a few years down the line when you may have confusion regarding belonging. You can easily refer to the inventory list and check whether it was in the storage unit.

These are a few important tips to remember while planning to store your belongings in a unit for a longer time. To get a spacious storage unit that matches your needs, contact Burton 24/7 Storage. We are a well-known Lincoln storage business where you can get sturdy, fully secured individual units. We have provisions for both long-term and short-term rents. For more information, you can visit our website today.