Do you need more unused stuff at your home? Where should you store the same? This is an emerging problem in every household. Especially in houses with kids, things keep piling up as they grow. That’s when a storage container can be your only escape route. However, when you look for container hire in Lincoln, you’ll come across two common options: opt for self-storage units or check out the portable storage containers. 

Here’s a brief difference between both options. Hopefully, the same will help you choose between the options when considering hiring a storage unit for your excess belongings. 

Difference between self-storage units and portable containers 

Long-term storage purpose

If you need more certainty about the time you will keep the things in the storage unit, a self-storage unit is a good option. You can rent these units on a month-to-month basis and keep renewing until the time you need. 

On the contrary, portable containers are a more feasible option for short-term storage. Since these storage containers are movable, they cannot be used long-term. 

Accessibility needs

If you need 24/7 access to your belongings, a portable unit is better than a self-storage unit. Portable units can be kept even within the backside of your premises. It will work as a garage space to dump everything you choose. 

On the other hand, while most of the self-storage units might give 24/7 access, others might offer different. In that case, it will be difficult for you to get to your belongings at odd hours. 

Temperature sensitivity 

Portable storage containers may not be as upgraded as self-storage units. They majorly offer external storage facilities; hence, if you’re looking for temperature-sensitive storage options, make sure you don’t opt for the portable containers. You might need help with the portable containers. 

Self-storage units offer better temperature control options. 

Relocation options

If you plan to relocate, portable containers are the best option. You can carry them along with you to every destination. In that case, sticking to a particular location where the self-storage units are present can be difficult to access. Instead, choosing portable units is better because you can carry them.

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