When packing your items for self-storage facilities, getting a few things wrong is normal. But, if you do a little care and planning, it will help you avoid these mistakes and make your life easier in the coming days. If you are planning to have Lincoln Storage Units for your requirement, you need to remember the things you must avoid from the beginning.

Common Mistakes to Avoid For Self-Storage Management

Having a self-storage unit will help you to keep your things properly organized. It also saves your space, so you can utilize it in other ways. But a slight management and organizing mistake can make the entire thing complicated. So, be aware of the mistakes, so you can arrange all the items in an organized way.

  • Carry On Haphazard Packing

If you are in a hurry, throwing all the items in the nearest storage box is normal, and you are done with it. But, it is one of the biggest mistakes you have to avoid. You will be surprised to know how much damage you are making to your items during loading and unloading, especially when they are left around together.

Temperature fluctuations, humidity, and dust particles affect the overall condition of the items. Hence, you must be careful when handling items like books, papers, ceramics and textiles.

It is better to wrap them individually and insulate them with a protective bubble wrap to avoid damage. Make sure that you do not overload the boxes and keep them together. Take advice from the specialist regarding the packaging of delicate items.

  • Not Maintaining Any Inventory

Maintaining an inventory of the items is very helpful in many ways. You will have a record of everything in the storage unit. If you know the value of the possessions, you can only have proper insurance coverage.

  • Not Labelling The Boxes Correctly

It is one of the most common storage mistakes you can make. All individuals do not label the storage boxes or put tags like “KITCHEN” or “BATHROOM” on one side of the box with a marker. But, be sure that you make a good label.

  • Be Too Much Careless During The Transit

When it is time to keep the belongings safe during transit, the biggest enemy is the movement, vibration, and impact. When you are under pressure, you need to pay attention to the stuff in the storage and unload it carefully on the other side.

If you avoid these mistakes while handling your items in storage, you can have a seamless organization and keep your belongings in good condition for longer. At Burton 24/7 Storage, you can get good quality, safe, and secured storage facilities like large containers and self-storage units as required.