There can be several reasons for which you need to store your furniture in a secure place instead of keeping them with you. Whether it is that ancient king-size bed of your great grandfather or that new dressing table with a designer mirror – you need a secure and safe place to store them when you cannot take them with you to your new address or cannot keep them in your current home because of space issue.

Finding suitable storage containers for furniture is crucial. But, there is something more imperative than this. You must know how to keep your valuable items secure in these storage units so that they can remain in their best form, and you can start using them whenever you want.

How To Keep Your Furniture Safe in a Storage Unit?

Clean The Furniture

No matter how old it is, you have to clean the furniture thoroughly before sending it to the storage unit. Keeping dirty and unkempt furniture inside a storage container will increase the risks of damage. Dirt and dust hold moist and welcome pests. This will cause rapid decay of your costly items while in storage containers.

Disassemble The Furniture

Keeping a huge king size bed all in one piece inside the unit can be difficult. Disassemble it first at your place, and then take those pieces to the unit to keep them stored. You should wrap and pack all of these parts separately to protect them from being dirty. Do not forget to keep the screws, wrenches and other tiny items that you get after dismantling your large furniture safely.

Opt For The Nearest Storage Units

When you need to keep your furniture away from your home, you should always look for a local self-storage facility. Opt for local storage containers in Lincoln so that you can send your items and get them back easily without spending much amount on transportation. This will also reduce the risk of damage to your goods during transportation. A longer journey will increase the risk of damage.

Find The Sutible Storage Unit

Not all storage containers are designed to keep large and expensive furniture. You must look for units that are ready to offer space to such items without any hassle. You should ask your storage company and get their suggestion about putting your wooden or steel furniture inside the container. 

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