Being forced to store all of your priceless things or pricey business assets in a “huge steel box” might be distressing. It makes it understandable that this would raise some questions if this is your first time renting a container. 

These fallacies can hamper the confidence that consumers have in their storage. To dispel the four most widespread misconceptions regarding shipping container storage units, we are here today.

Know the common misconception about Storage containers

Myth 1: Cleanliness of Steel Storage Units

Yes, shipping containers are used again, even though they have scratches and dents after years at sea. Overall, single-trip containers look the best(they are basically as new as you can get).

No matter the grade, these containers are thoroughly cleaned and repaired before being delivered to our customers when they become one of our rental storage units. Even the paint on our rental properties is freshly applied grey.

If you’re looking to purchase a container, we can design it from the inside out to suit your requirements. You won’t even know that you are working inside a cargo container.

Myth 2: It’s Simple to Break Into Mobile Storage Units

We could think of something light or flimsy when we hear the word portable. Steel cargo containers, on the other hand, are composed of sturdy steel. Thus, this isn’t the case with them.

To help keep your possessions secure, we provide a variety of locking solutions. Nothing is 100% successful, but our reliable locking system and additional anti-theft security measures can help safeguard your possessions. These locks are quite strong, exactly like the containers they are mounted on, even though we can’t totally prevent theft.

Myth 3: Weather-proofing on portable storage units is unreliable

This rumour is not true. Steel, one of the toughest metals on earth, is used to make these containers. These devices can weigh over 4,000 pounds, depending on the size.

They are robust and constructed to withstand a variety of elements, including various weather conditions (even storms). Because of how tough these units are, you can be sure that your possessions will be secure.

If you need secure and convenient Household Storage in Lincoln, Burton Storage is the place for you. We provide expert storage services for both household and business items.