Moving house brings along a lot of responsibilities of keeping belongings safe. You cannot take a risk, especially when it comes to your valuable stuff. This is when self storage comes into the picture. A few simple tips can help you keep your stuff securely while they are in storage. Furniture is one of the most expensive items in our home. Hence, you need to prepare them before self storage to ensure they remain in their best condition. Here’s how you can prepare them for self storage.

Five Tips To Prepare Your Furniture For Self Storage


Start by cleaning if you don’t want to encounter a furniture piece full of dust during unloading. This also helps to keep your furniture in good condition. Clean them thoroughly. You can use a soft dry cloth to clean your wooden furniture and also use a warm soapy mixture if there are more stains. We also suggest using furniture wax to ensure they don’t dry up. Use an upholstery cleaning agent to clean fabrics.

Transportation Arrangement:

You will need to arrange for transportation of your furniture to send them to the storage unit. While choosing the vehicle, consider the size of your furniture and whether you need multiple trips. You can hire a van to facilitate the transportation process.

Make Your Furniture Easy to Store:

Packing your stuff in boxes is one of the best ways to store it in containers. But you may have disposed of the boxes your items came in. In such a scenario, you can either consider dismantling your items before packing. This will not make transportation easier, but you will also be able to use your self storage unit’s space more effectively. You can use those spaces to store smaller items.

Wrap Your Furniture Properly:

Use well-cushioning materials like bubble wrap for packing fragile items. Do not wrap your items tightly using plastic coverings, as these can trap any lingering moisture. You can instead buy covers as they are designed to provide protection to your furniture.

Choose The Right Size of Storage Containers:

Storage units are available in different sizes, and you can choose according to your requirements. Make sure to find the one that offers you sufficient storage space for your items. Burton 247 Storage is the right place for all your self storage needs. We can serve it all whether you want to keep your furniture or vehicles. Get in touch with us today or check our website to learn more about us.